Writing Challenge no. 13 Accepted!

Writing Challenge no. 13 : Write About Something You Absolutely Love

It took me quite a long time to think about something that I absolutely love because many things came up on my mind, like: sound of piano, cats, my friends, or even myself . 😐
But finally, I set my choice. I’m going to write about something that I extremely -and absolutely- love.
My family. πŸ™‚

Have you ever read this post ?
Well, if you’ve read it, maybe you can guess what are they like?

As I wrote it before, my mom’s sometimes being annoying. Unlike my father who’s very patient, she is impatient. And like other mothers, she likes asking me (or my brother) to do this or that. But still, I love her. *hugs*
I love her -and envy her- because she is a very hardworking one. She is persistent. Whenever she wants something, she will try to get it no matter what. And also, she is very optimistic. πŸ™‚
I admire her for her generosity. She always say that the more you give the more you get, the less you give the less you get. So, don’t you worry don’t you worry, child~ *suddenly singing*
I also admire her for her honesty and straightforwardness. πŸ™‚
Meet her!

She looks pretty yet funny here.

Next. My little younger brother.
The most dominant trait of him is his simple-minded. Eventhough he -sometimes- still think in a kid way, he suprisingly can act like a gentleman. I love the way he calms me down when something annoys me.
I’m sure, later when he is grown-up, he will be the sweetest guy loved by girls.
Meet him!

Me and him using 3D glasses, going to watch 3D movie. Sorry for the blurry pic.

The-not-really-last is my daaaaddyyy.. :3
Opposite from my mom, he is quiet. He is a wise and responsible father.
He is also a humorous. He sometimes talk an unpredictable funny comment.
I love him so much as much as he loves us, his family.
Meet the king!

I took his pic when he was in hospital for a medical treatment. See what he was doing! -_-

The last is.. my older brother.
He was a kind-hearted boy. A generous one.
We always thought that he was a bad kid. But it proved wrong when he passed away and lots of people talking about his kindness.
Meet him? Nah, you can’t. πŸ™‚

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