The Amazing Psycho Test from Sacha Stevenson. (Tell me yours on the comment box! *kiss* )

So this video, made by Sacha Stevenson, could possibly tell you the most/ the least important causes to yourself. Question? No. Sacha is not a psychologist. And, no. I don’t know from where she got this psycho test. Just do it. And just like she said, “Just a game… not to be taken too seriously.” Ā  šŸ™‚

Anyway.. my results are:
(1) W. Uncle Wilson was right. As a man and as someone who proposed Laura, Harry should be the one who come and pick Laura. And that makes Harry as the worst person.
(2) L. Stupid Laura. Did what Harry told her to, ignored what her uncle told, and easily showed her body to Michael. She was too naive (and yes, stupid).
(3) M. Michael just did the take and give. He kept the deal by not touching Laura eventhough Laura was naked.
(4) S. He raped Laura because Laura was naked in the middle of somewhere, Sam saw her and it was turning him on.That’s pretty understandable. Eventhough it’s such an evil.
(5) H. He was the jerk who make Laura and Sam lost their mind and Michael did that pretty-good-deal.

Don’t forget to put your result on the comment box together with your reason! šŸ˜€


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