Three Girls, Three Stories.

Remember Rizka? The complicated girl in Story of Rizka That Has Never Been Told? She (suddenly) came to me the other day, asking me her silly question.

“If one day, you suddenly be given a chance to determine your own future, how will you imagine your life will be?”

Silly yet pretty hard, I think. Therefore I did not respon her. Instead, she told me what two other girls said to her.

“She is all about love to Bangladesh man,” she said.

“You mean Kenzo?” I asked.

“Yes! Kenzo! Who else!” she replied, “She imagined that she would be happily together forever with him. What a fool!”

I kept silent. Waiting for her next word.

“I asked her why she obsessed about this guy and why she did not think about her family’s future. And guess what she said to me!” her tone changed.


“She, first, told me how cool he was. She talked about his personality and his unique perspective. And then, she said this ridiculous thing that fighting for him was like fighting for a new family. And I was like, what?? So the family you mean is him? All about him? Well, you know, when I said family, I meant Mr. and Mrs. Zarkazura! Her parents!”

“Well, okay… Maybe she didn’t seriously answer your question.” I gave her a thought.

“Umm.. I don’t know. You know, I am not as close to her as you. I guess you know her better. Just ask her. Maybe she will give your different answer.”

I nodded.

“And do you know what Kinka told me?” she continued, “Her answer was similar to Kenzo’s. I didn’t… well… I still don’t understand how these girls think. Life is not all about love, you know.”

Again, I only nodded. What else should I say?

“Those two girls, your bestfriends, are really ridiculous. How come is it that all of your bestfriends are weirdo!”

Duh. Rizka. Did you not know that you were one of my bestfriend and you were a weirdo too?

“What? What do you think??” she asked.

“No… Nothing.” I smiled, “Ummm… What will you do if you have that chance?”

Right when she was about to start talking, her phone rang. It was her little brother calling.

“Oh my god, I forgot to pick him up! I have to go! Bye!”

And just like that, she left. -_-


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