That Firework

It is not new year’s night tonight
But the triumph has been buzzing like bees looking for its honey outside this castle
Like a parade happening on the road
With that balloons
With that ribbons
With that flowers
Even with that French horns

People smiling
They are partying on the road
Outside this castle

But dear
Little did they know
Here in this castle
There is delectation
More than that gibberish
More than that liquor
More than that scream
Even more than that feast

And dear
Here in this castle
You will find that firework
The firework that you’ve been looking for
The one that never in your life you’ve seen this kind
The one that no one in this realm has ever known about it

Be my guest
And I will show you
You will see, and I assure you that
Nothing in this world is as magnificent as mine
Because dear, no one can craft a firework as good as you-know-who

So dear,

Just be my guest


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