Her Name is Vanessa

Remember my post A Romantic Wednesday With VCF?

Well, I am going to tell a story about Vanessa, the girl I was with in that post.

Her name is Vanessa.

The first time we met was in the year of 2010. Probably in August or September. We attended the same university, which is Telkom University. We were classmates.

My first impression when I saw her was like, “Whoaa this girl is so pretty like a doll.” And yeah, I meant it.
She literally looked like a doll with her white skin, wispy bang, coloured softlens, chubby cheeks, tiny skinny body, and girlie bandanna. She literally looked like a Korean girl.


See how Korean she looks here.

We’d been just acquaintance to each other until we met again in the same English course institution, which was The British English (TBI). We became closer because of TBI. Together with our classmate, Yudha, we often hangout together. Our favorite place to hangout was (and still!) karaoke place. We have tried different karaoke places in Bandung, but we usually went to Eclipse, the cheapest and the most esek-esek mencurigakan karaoke place. Maklum, mahasiswa mah nyari yang murah meskipun ya… begitulah… LOL.

Since the three of us often hangout together, we named ourself as the TBI Ranger. Sounds childish? Ikr.


The TBI Ranger. When we were young and naive.

As I and Vanessa became closer, we often shared our life and our thought to each other. The most shocking thought she has ever shared to me was when she’s saying that she didn’t wanna have a baby. She even told me that she had told her mother about that. And then she told me again that she didn’t wanna get married, or if she had married, she wanted to do it as late as possible with the guy who willing to have no child. Oh God. What a crazy mindblowing thought! I was just literally speechless when I heard that. -_-

We often talked about our love life story. Whom I adored, whom she adored, that kind of story. She is a devoted person. She was very loyal to the guy she like, even though that guy was a two-timer and she knew it. I remember she’s telling a story about her being cheated on by her ex and a story about her being played by useless jerk. Every time she told me about that guy, I was like, “Just leave him!”. But no, she didn’t leave him no matter how many times he hurt her. I just couldn’t understand how she could handle staying with that… kind of person.

So when she told me again about the new guy she’s in love with, I was like, “Please no more cheater.” I was hoping that the new guy was the Mr.Right for her. But since we were busy with our bussiness, I didn’t know much about him (let’s call him R), as I and Vanessa became rarely talk to each other. I only knew that they started dating and then they became girlfriend and boyfriend.

It was December 21, 2015 when she suddenly texted me. I had a feeling that she’s going to vent about something. I felt like something must have happened to her. So I prepared myself to listen to the worst part of her story.

“We are going to get engaged.” She texted me.

In my mind, I was like…what? ENGAGED? ENGAGED TO GET MARRIED??? Who? You? With R? Are you serious? Like seriously… YOU??? The one who told me her disinterest about kids and marriage? Really?

It wasn’t that I didn’t feel happy for her. It’s a good news, of course I did feel glad… but I just couldn’t believe it.


March 2016. Her engagement day.

Her wedding day will be in ***sensor***. I hope everything goes well as planned. And I hope they will live happily ever after. Aamiin.



Her name is Vanessa, and she is going to get married.


Yesterday night. Vanessa Bridal Shower.

ย Doakan aku menyusul. Aamiin. #eh


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