Tirai No. 2


I am entering the stage where I start thinking about what people say about me.

Be calmer!
Stop being so fussy about everything!
Watch your mouth!
Watch your behaviour!
Think before act!
Stop acting like a child!
Be grown up!

And it makes me think…
What is being grown up?
What does being grown up mean?
If I become more calmer,
if I watch my mouth,
if I watch my behaviour,
if I think before act,
if I stop acting like a child,
will I be considered mature enough?
Will I be really considered as a grown up?
Will they stop being demanding?

If there is a guarantee about that, let’s say if there is,
I might change my personality in a second right away.
But the thing is… there is NO guarantee about that.
And… above of all…
If I choose to neglect the inner personality of mine,
for the sake of society acceptance,
is that still considered as being grown up?

Lately I have been thinking about one question,

What should I do… how should I act…
to make them keep their mouth shut and stop asking me to be someone “new” without really guiding and teaching me how.

I am just tired of this society.