Tirai No. 7

My dear little brother.

Lately I’ve missed him… but it feels like he doesn’t miss me back.

Lately I’ve been distracted by my male friends’ bodies. They keep on making me remember about him.

Lately I’ve been attracted to my male friends’ black shirts. They always suit his body the best.

And lately I’ve been thinking… He is not little anymore. 

My dear not-so-little-anymore brother.

Tirai No. 6

I miss my pets.

Puri The Momma Cat,
Mikki The Civet,
Jane, Nuar, Ari The Kitten born in January,
Cheby The Male Cat Without -sev Behind His Name,
Kuri The Turtle.

I just… miss them so bad. ūüė¶

Here goes the brief story about them.

Cheby The Male Cat Without -sev Behind His Name
Pet Number : 1
How I Got Him: I got him from my uncle who got him from his friend.
I don’t know what kind of breed he was, but he was a quite big male cat with medium long furr.
At the time when we (me, my lil bro, and my auntie) brought him home, we were quite nervous. The reason was that because my mom was not a fan of cats. And my mom was the ruler of our home. -______-
To make long story short, in the end, my mom allowed and sounded happy about the cat. It was just confusing yet relieving for the three of us.
Where He Is Now: I don’t know. I lost him.
The thing about me having pets is that I always want them to feel free when they are with me. So… what I did at that time was letting Cheby go out of our home. Yes, I literally let him play in the park in front of our home with no leash on him. I let him climb the tree, visit the neighbours, run between the grass, etc. I also trained him to come back to me when I called him so that I didn’t need to search him when I wanted him to be home.
But then… that time came. The time when I called him but he didn’t come. That’s how I lost him.
Unforgettable Memory with Him: When he was hiding in the car engine and then got hurt because my father turned on the engine with no clue that he was in there. He got surgery later on in the veterinary clinic.

Puri The Momma Cat
Pet Number : 2
How I Got Him: I got her after I lost Cheby, again, from my uncle who got him from his friend. Puri was Cheby’s sister, they said.
This time, I had no difficulty or worry when I adopted her, because it was my mom and dad who brought her home. Thanks to Cheby, my mom started to like cats.
Where She Is Now: To be honest,I don’t remember. I think, we gave her to her new parents because there was no one taking care of her at my parents house. I wasn’t living with my parents, my auntie had been back living in my grandma’s house, my lil brother was in his dormitory, so… yeah, we decided to let her go for the sake of herself.
Unforgettable Memory with Her: When she gave birth 4 kitten, I was “the doctor” to help her through the labour. It was a thrilling and fun experience.

Jane, Nuar, Ari The Kitten born in January
Pet Number : 3
How I Got Them: From Puri. They were her kitten.
Where They Are Now: I gave Nuar to their father’s owner. Jane-Nuar-Ari were Puri and a male cat’s kitten. The deal was to devide the kitten for the mother’s side (which was me) and the father’s side (which I didn’t remember the owner’s name). I kept on raising Jane and Ari. Oh, as I mentioned before, Puri gave birth 4 kitten. The first kitten died because we didn’t realise that Puri was in delivery¬†and to make it worse, Puri sat on the poor kitten and didn’t open the placenta, made it hard to breath. In the end, I gave away Jane and Ari to our friend, together with Puri, because of the reason I’ve written above.
Unforgettable Memory with Them: Their birth day was the most memorable memory for me.

Mikki The Civet
Pet Number : 4
How I Got Them: From my dad.
Where She Is Now:¬†I don’t know. I lost her. The thing that happened to Cheby happened again to her. I let her free, I trained her, but then I lost her. The same sadness¬†I felt again. Perhaps more devastating. I don’t know.
Unforgettable Memory with Her: I have shared some in this post. The thing I love most about me and her was our relationship, that I know we had strong bond. I felt like she only listened to me, not to my father, not to my lil brother, and definitely not to my mother. The other thing about her that I love was that she was very calm during our journey. She had travelled from Bekasi to Bandung, Semarang, and Kudus. And another that made me amazed about her was that how fast she grew from my palm hand size to my arm size just in couple of months.

Kuri The Turtle
Pet Number : 5
How I Got Her: I bought her. I didn’t know for sure what her gender was, but I always believed that she was a female. I bought her because my father needed something that eat wiggler and I thought she would eat that wiggler in our “pond”. It turned out, no, she didn’t eat the wiggler. LOL.
Where She Is Now: In heaven. I killed her. Forgive me.
Unforgettable Memory with Her: I love watching her eating live fish.


The thing I love the most about having pets is that pets don’t judge. I can be myself and show myself and tell them my very dark secret or my very sad day to them without worrying being¬†judged.

I love them because they don’t judge.

Unlike human.

Unlike me.