Tirai No. 8 – One of The Most Sad Thing

I think one of the most sad thing the world is when you cannot be yourself because of social pressure or religious reason or anything else.

Like for examples…

One of my friend told me how badly he wants go out to night club, but he has never do it. His reason is simple. He doesn’t want to be judged as someone bad. Weird, I think. I mean like… how bad is that to go to a night club, listen to music, and dance???

Another friend of mine also told me how he misses drinking wine and smoking, things he used to do. He stop doing those things now, but one of the reason why he decided to stop is the pressure he felt from his circle when he did those things -other than health issue. Yes, tru, smoking and drinking are bad to your body, but what’s with the pressure? As long as he does not disturb other people with his smoke and drink.

And my lesbian and gay friends also told me how they keep on trying to hide their identity, their sex preference. I can see how hard they try to be seen as heterosexual people, like one of them decided to have opposite gender partner just to cover the real partner, and the other decided to introduce the partner as the bestfriend.

And last… Someone I know, once told me that sex before marriage should not be seen as something sinful or immoral. Why? Because she thinks that the desire to have sex is natural. It exist by nature, just like breathing. Immoral is when you force someone to have sex with you a.k.a you rape ’em. Immoral is when you decide to kill your own child just because you don’t want it. But the sex itself, it is not immoral, she said.

For all the examples above that happened to my friends, it doesn’t mean that I agree with them. But just because of my disagreement, it doesn’t mean that I can judge them negative easily, right? Like for example, I am a moeslem and I have no problem with people who have different believes from me, eventhough I don’t accept Chirstianity or Budism or other believes. I don’t jugde them by their religious view. It is simply called tolerance. When you don’t agree with something but you have to deal with it, you tolerate. And I think, they don’t have to feel scared or guilty for the thing they want to be. They don’t have to feel insecure just because they are minority. But I guess that’s the problem with being minority.


Or still no? Haha.

And again… I hope y’all can be tru to yourself because it is just sad if you can’t be yourself.