Today Is . . .

Today is Wednesday, May 27. I wake up in the morning, 4.45 am. Surprised and amazed, because usually 4.45 am is the time I start sleeping after staying awake all night long.

Today is Wednesday, May 27. There is no power cut today. Grateful, because since three days ago I’ve experienced the power cut at day.

Today is Wednesday, May 27. The day when suddenly two of my male friends ask me to go out for karaoke. Surprising, because usually it is me who ask them to hang out.

Today is Wednesday, May 27. Unlike yesteday and the day before yesterday, the weather today is a little bit odd. It rains, while the sky appears bright.

Today is Wednesday, May 27. It is the day when my bestfriend’s boyfriend, Remon, finally presents his final project in front of three examiners. Thank God, he gets AB.

Today is Wednesday, May 27. Free pizzas for me and the other four people. Remon’s treat as his celebration.

Today is Wednesnay, May 27. I update my blog on wordpress. Hoping my anger will vanish into the air while I write.

Today is Wednesday, May 27. I am disappointed again.






We have to cancel our plan to hang out together at karaoke place. I am freaking upset right now.

Three Girls, Three Stories.

Remember Rizka? The complicated girl in Story of Rizka That Has Never Been Told? She (suddenly) came to me the other day, asking me her silly question.

“If one day, you suddenly be given a chance to determine your own future, how will you imagine your life will be?”

Silly yet pretty hard, I think. Therefore I did not respon her. Instead, she told me what two other girls said to her.

“She is all about love to Bangladesh man,” she said.

“You mean Kenzo?” I asked.

“Yes! Kenzo! Who else!” she replied, “She imagined that she would be happily together forever with him. What a fool!”

I kept silent. Waiting for her next word.

“I asked her why she obsessed about this guy and why she did not think about her family’s future. And guess what she said to me!” her tone changed.


“She, first, told me how cool he was. She talked about his personality and his unique perspective. And then, she said this ridiculous thing that fighting for him was like fighting for a new family. And I was like, what?? So the family you mean is him? All about him? Well, you know, when I said family, I meant Mr. and Mrs. Zarkazura! Her parents!”

“Well, okay… Maybe she didn’t seriously answer your question.” I gave her a thought.

“Umm.. I don’t know. You know, I am not as close to her as you. I guess you know her better. Just ask her. Maybe she will give your different answer.”

I nodded.

“And do you know what Kinka told me?” she continued, “Her answer was similar to Kenzo’s. I didn’t… well… I still don’t understand how these girls think. Life is not all about love, you know.”

Again, I only nodded. What else should I say?

“Those two girls, your bestfriends, are really ridiculous. How come is it that all of your bestfriends are weirdo!”

Duh. Rizka. Did you not know that you were one of my bestfriend and you were a weirdo too?

“What? What do you think??” she asked.

“No… Nothing.” I smiled, “Ummm… What will you do if you have that chance?”

Right when she was about to start talking, her phone rang. It was her little brother calling.

“Oh my god, I forgot to pick him up! I have to go! Bye!”

And just like that, she left. -_-

Kenzo and Her New Online Friend

It was Saturday, May 9, the first time Kenzo became acquainted with her new friend, Bella from Bangladesh. They met online on social media website. Kenzo was the one who visited Bella’s profile page first. As usual, Kenzo randomly searched for new matches and visited random profile page, which was Bella’s page. The first thing Kenzo did was checking whether the owner of the page wrote something on his own page. It was the rule Kenzo made to make sure whether the owner of the page she visited did mean to make friend online. She thought that someone had to put some effort by writing about himself in order to attract other people to become friend. One should not just wrote, “I am looking for a friend.” It was just too simple and it was hard for Kenzo to visualize what kind of person that i-am-looking-for-a-friend guy. That was the first rule. It happened that Bella described himself pretty well. That was a plus. The second rule Kenzo applied was checking on his photos. Photos mean more than one photo. Kenzo thought that if the owner put more than one photo from different moments, he was less likely a scammer. And it turned out that Bella put many of his pictures on his profile. Another plus.

At that point, I thought Kenzo would add him as her friend. But I was wrong. Kenzo did not add him. I asked her why, she said that Bella was not the only guy who wrote his page well and put many of his photos. She said, we, the girls, had to be more selective. I was like, “What the hell did this girl think?”, because I knew for sure that Bella was kinda Kenzo’s type. But well, I did not know what’s on her mind so I just let her be.

If you, my dear readers, must know, this social media has this feature that will notify the owner of the page about its visitors. There came Bella, with a message, writing to Kenzo that he was glad that Kenzo had stopped by. He asked Kenzo to get to know each other and become friend. His message was attracting Kenzo because it was very rare to read an “invitation to become friend” along with sentence, “If you do not want to, please don’t mind this message”. That’s why Kenzo thought that his message was very polite and then she decided to give it a try. That was when their friendship began.

Kenzo and Bella kept chatting on the social media website for the first two days. One hour difference between Indonesia and Bangladesh seemed not to be a problem for them. On Sunday, after the Saturday they became acquianted, Kenzo asked Bella his LINE messenger id. Sadly, Bella did not have one. But instead, Bella gave her his whatsapp number. Much better, Kenzo thought. So Kenzo sent a whatsapp message to Bella, guessing his full name. She was thinking about asking Bella directly about his full name because she was going to saved his contact with full name. But then, Kenzo thought that if a stranger asked her her full name, she would definitely not give it to that stranger. Therefore she decided to start a chat with a guessing-name game in order to have his full name. Unexpectedly, Bella asked Kenzo her full name. Oh my. It was an alert for Bella. He said, he usually saved contact with full name. “Is he trying to make something up? It is weird that he has the same habit like me,” Kenzo thought. Kenzo did not give him her name. She kept continuing the guessing game. At the end of the game, with help from Facebook, Kenzo could know what Bella’s full name was. In return, Kenzo sincerely gave him her name and added his Facebook as friend.

On Monday morning, Kenzo read a message from Bella. Out of the blue, Bella asked her preference whether she liked coffee or tea better. At the moment, I saw Kenzo’s face was like confused, speechless, and a little bit surprised. It was understandable because, I remembered, she had done the same thing to her other online acquintance. She, out of the blue, had asked her online acquintace about tea or coffee. I guessed, she had never thought that she would be the one who being asked by stranger about the same question. So, on that Monday morning, Kenzo thought that she and Bella were somehow pretty much similar to each other.

Since Kenzo felt that they had something in common and also she had comfortable chatting with Bella and also she was thinking about checking Bella’s existence, Kenzo decided to start skyping (calling via Skype) with Bella. On Tuesday, Kenzo asked Bella his Skype id and Bella gave her his id. And then, they did the video call. Their video call had gone well, Kenzo thought. But after they did the video call, Bella has never shown up until this day. Yes, today is Wednesday, and Bella has not sent any message to Kenzo since Tuesday, which is yesterday. It is quite worrying for Kenzo because, I can see, Kenzo starts thinking if Bella is not interested in having a nice conversation anymore with her. I can see she is fighting with her own mind right now.

Why does he not send me a message? Is it because of me when skyping? Did he find me not fun and not interesting anymore? No! Maybe he is busy. He said his mother was sick and he was going to have exam. Yes, I think he is busy with his things. Wait.. is he really busy? His last seen on whatsapp was a few minutes ago. Why didn’t he send me a hi or a good-morning message?? Or… maybe he is waiting for me sending a message first? Maybe he is worrying the same thing I worry now? Argh! Why is it so confusing?!

Tsk. Silly Kenzo.

Kinka and Fathur. Past and Future.

Once upon a time, there was a popular girl in my block, named Kinka, whose hair was long, black, straight, and gorgeous. Kinka (I agree it was uncommon name) was a bright student at an elementary school nearby our block. I admited, she was pretty, even though she was not the prettiest. Many boys at our school (yes, we attended the same elemetary school) liked her because she was so friendly to the boys. She even got along better with the boys instead of the girls. She was a tomboy.

Meet Fathur, a boy who fell in love with Kinka. Fathur was an adamant boy. At any possible moment, he tried to attract Kinka’s attention. There was once Fathur met me in my neighborhood and then he asked me to tell Kinka that he would be Kinka’s future husband. It was sweet and cute actually, but wuuuttt?? Remember, we were still elementary school students back then. Appearently, Kinka was his first puppy love.

After graduated from their elementary school, Kinka and Fathur attended different junior high school. Kinka, influenced by me, attended a popular school in capital city, while Fathur had to move out to his village across Sunda strait, in Sumatera island. They communicated only by phone. Twice. In three years of junior high school period.

In their senior high school period, I do not remember how, but Kinka and Fathur had each other’s cellphone number. One day, Fathur informed Kinka that he had a girlfriend, named Rita. Kinka and I both were suprised. I thought, finally he met someone who loved him back. Good for him. While I was happy for Fathur, I noticed a slight negative feeling coming from Kinka. Kinka was in jealousy. Even though she said that she was fine, it was his life, it did not have something to do with her, and blablabla, I knew she was trying to cover her hurt pride. I have been wondering that perhaps Kinka was in love with Fathur too, but she did not know how to express it, or worse, she did not realise that she loved him back. Anyway. During our senior high school life, Kinka and Fathur had successfully lived their life peacefully and separately.

Fast forward to Kinka’s and Fathur’s story in university. Kinka continued her study in Bandung, while Fathur continued his study abroad. Right before Kinka entering her new life as university student, Kinka and her third boyfriend broke up. Being left alone and sad, all of sudden Kinka remembered that Fathur and her girlfriend has broken up too. A part of her thought, why would they break up? Letting Fathur go was not a good decision, in Kinka’s opinion. And then Kinka suddenly missed Fathur so much. Too bad, Fathur has already left the country.

Two years later, I met Fathur in my neighbourhood. Was I surprised? Of course, I was. He asked me about Kinka’s new cellphone number, and he said he was arranging a reunion for our elementary school fellas. It was gonna be a big surprise for Kinka, I thought. And yes, Kinka was surprised. Kinka could not stop telling me about how happy she was when she received a text message from Fathur telling her that he was in Indonesia.

After the reunion, Fathur returned to Germany and Kinka started having these weird things happen. First of all, Kinka keeps having a dream about Fathur in her sleep. It is not daily or regularly, but it is quite intense compared to the day before the reunion. The second, there are many random times when Kinka suddenly misses Fathur a lot. A lot like crazy, she said to me. And the last weird thing is that she feels like her heart dropped everytime she see Fathur’s photo. Those weird things have been happening to Kinka since the day Fathur returned to Germany, which is about three years ago. -_-

Now I wonder, does Kinka really fall in love with Fathur, or is it just a form of a friend missing another friend?

I do not know.